Preferred Program

12 month contract which includes:

-Design fees 50% OFF

(normally $50/hour, with Preferred Program only $25/hour)

-Free sample creation or digital mock-up

(normally $25 per sample)

-10% off production orders

-Low production pricing discount

pricing for productions under 100 pieces will be priced at wholesale pricing of 100-250 pieces

-No file fees

(normally $25 per design file in production)

-Priority production runs

This process allows members to get production started priority to other jobs DQ Laser Creations is currently running.  This does not mean production time is shorter but will be priority to other jobs in the que.

The retainer fee will be the initial amount of $10,000. This amount locks in the benefits for 12 months and it is also used towards that contract's productions. If the retainer runs out before the 12 months, we will bill the project amount BUT ALL the benefits are still applicable for the 12 month contract. Then, upon renewal, we will start up again with the $10,000 retainer. If for some reason the $10,000 is not completely used up within the 12 month contract, the remaining amount will roll over to the next contract and the difference of the $10,000 initial will be due.

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